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Dietary fibre systems
Enzymatic Digester - GDE
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Chromlab Scientific Services and Supplies Ltd (CHROMLAB SCIENTIFIC) is proud to be one of the leaders in the supply, delivery, installation, commissioning and training of scientific equipments, consumables and services to the scientific and industrial communities from Kenya.
Dietary fibre systems [Enzymatic Digester - GDE]
The GDE performs enzymatic digestion, a delicate phase where samples are immersed in a thermostatic water bath and stirred. Continuous and constant sample mixing is necessary in or .....
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Electrophoresis [TGGE and TGGE Maxi System]
The TGGE system was designed for maximum resolution in a small gel. The highly integrated system consists of the gradient electrophoresis unit and an external controller. Both, opt .....
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Industrial Scales [WPT 4I-S livestock scales ]
Livestock scale WPT/4I series is used to fast and precise determination of mass of cattle and swine with possibility of multiple tarring in all measuring range. The weighing proces .....
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Heating Magnetic Stirrers [Digital Ceramic Hot Plate Stirrer - AREC]
Powerful digital hot plate stirrer with a white ceramic heating plate extremely resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. .....
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Indicators and Terminal [PUE 7 Terminal]
Terminal PUE 7 series is designed for extension of industrial scales. PUE 7 features 5.7” colourful graphic touch screen display and membrane keypad. Two proximity sensors with p .....
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