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Staff training records are an essential part of GLP compliance.

New personnel require Introduction to Gas Chromatography techniques? Existing staff need Advanced Troubleshooting & maintenance tuition? Our training courses are specifically tailored to your needs!

General Topics
  • GC Theory - Basic GC Configuration, Injectors, Detectors, Column optimisation, Resolution, Capacity, etc.
  • Detectors Types - Universal, Selective, Destructive
  • Presenting the Sample - Liquid, Headspace, Purge and Trap, Gas sampling
  • Injectors - Injection process, Split/Splitless, Capillary general, Packed
  • Columns and Carrier Gas - Stationary phases and selection, Column parameters and effects on chromatography, Column limits, Gas selection
  • GC Troubleshooting - Categories of symptoms, Techniques, Resolution
  • General Tips and Hints
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